Finishing words

Varnish 2.1 to 3.0

Varnish 3.0, in addition to new features, also changed several aspects of VCL and parameters.

Varnish 2.1 Varnish 3.0
vcl_fetch: return (pass); vcl_fetch: return (hit_for_pass);
vcl_recv: return (pass); vcl_recv: return (pass);
purge(....); ban(.....);
C{ VRT_Nuke(...); }C purge;
set req.url = "/test" req.url; set req.url = "/test" + req.url;
log "something"; import std; std.log("something");
"%2520" is literal %20 "%20" - no more %-escapes
set req.hash += req.url hash_data(req.url);
esi; set beresp.do_esi = true;
thread_pool_max does not depend on thread_pools, but thread_pool_min does. Both thread_pool_max and thread_pool_min are per thread pool
thread_pool_max=200 and thread_pools=8 means max 200 total threads. thread_pool_max=200 and thread_pools=8 means max 1600 total threads